What are the Benefits of Tui Na?

What are the Benefits of Tui Na?

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) includes many different treatments aimed at improving health and promoting healing. Therapies such as cupping, acupuncture and TCM massage are backed by centuries of Chinese medical theory, and have been thoroughly tried and tested by millions of patients and TCM practitioners.

Hence, it is no surprise that TCM is a popular alternative to Western medical treatments.

Some popular types of TCM massage include tui na and foot reflexology. When you book a tui na session with Kung Fu Wellness, you can look forward to a range of health benefits rooted in TCM theory.

In this article, we will explore some of these health benefits and how they are presented in TCM theory.

The TCM Philosophy

Before learning about the various health benefits that TCM can have, it is important to first understand how TCM works. In Chinese medical theory, the body is governed by a channel network called the meridian system.

A person’s life force, known as qi, flows to all parts of the body via this system. The meridian system also transports important substances such as blood and body fluids. Hence, it helps the body maintain equilibrium and overall health.

According to TCM, illness occurs when your body’s natural balance is upset. Tui na works by tapping into acupuncture points along the meridian system to stimulate the flow of blood and qi.

In such cases, tui na can help to restore its equilibrium and ensure that your qi flows freely throughout the meridian system.

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Techniques Used in Tui Na

Tui na can target different parts of the body depending on the location of the blocked meridians. Different massage techniques can be used on different body parts to achieve certain effects.

TCM massage techniques are generally split into two groups: yin techniques which are more passive and gentle, while yang techniques which are more dynamic. In tui na, both are used in combination to ensure that the treatment is effective.

During a tui na session, our licensed TCM massage therapists may employ a range of techniques including pressing (an), kneading (mo) and pushing (tui). While this may sound similar to a normal non-TCM massage, tui na takes a holistic approach and aims to bring healing to the entire body by targeting certain parts.

In contrast, non-TCM massages generally target specific parts of the body where patients are experiencing soreness or pain.

Benefits of Tui Na

As we have already seen, tui na can have several health benefits rooted in Chinese medical theory. It not only restores your physical health by bringing balance to the body, it can also improve your mental health by allowing you to feel more relaxed and at ease. Some of the main benefits you can look forward to after a tui na session include:

Holistic healing

Because TCM takes a holistic approach to patients’ health, tui na is aimed at healing the entire body rather than just the parts that are experiencing illness or pain. This is done by strategically massaging certain body parts to stimulate the whole meridian system and restore the smooth flow of qi.

Hence, patients who undergo tui na often feel refreshed and revitalised throughout their entire body, an effect that non-TCM massages generally cannot achieve. This makes tui na highly effective in combatting all types of illnesses and ailments.

Relieving stress

Tui na also shares some benefits with non-TCM massages in that it can help to relieve stress and tension in your body. The combination of yin and yang techniques used in tui na helps to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment.

You will experience gentle but firm massaging of different body parts, which help to loosen the stiffness that has built up in your body over time, much like a normal non-TCM massage. This can also help to heal soreness and pain in the body that is caused by excessive tension.

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Promoting healthy flow of blood and qi

The effects of tui na can be both short-term and long-term in nature. While you may experience improved physical health and vitality in the short term, tui na also benefits your long-term health because it stimulates the body’s natural healing processes.

Restoring blocked meridians and ensuring the healthy flow of blood and qi will strengthen your body’s natural defence systems and make it better able to ward off infections and illnesses in the future.

Improving mental health

A tui na session is designed to be as deeply relaxing as possible, allowing you to let go of all your worries and simply live in the moment. While tui na is not explicitly aimed at relieving mental health problems, it can certainly have a positive effect on your overall well-being, mental health included.

The sense of mental relaxation that you can experience during a tui na session can help relieve some of the stress that is weighing on your mind, resulting in mental as well as physical benefits.

Who Should Undergo Tui Na?

A tui na Singapore session is suitable for those who are experiencing aches and pains in their body, whether they are located in the muscles or joints. It can also work for those who experience insomnia and fatigue. Restoring the flow of qi throughout the meridian system can help to relieve some of these symptoms.

However, although tui na is generally a safe procedure, those with fractures, open wounds or chronic back pain should not undergo tui na. This is to avoid aggravating existing conditions and prevent disruption of ongoing healing processes.

When in doubt, consult a licensed TCM practitioner to determine whether tui na will be suitable and effective for you.

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