TCM Massage Singapore

Revitalize your body with a non-invasive TCM massage that opens up your meridians and promotes the flow of Qi.

Best TCM Massage Singapore

Our TCM massage is designed to give your body a deep sense of of both mental and physical relaxation.  All of Kung Fu Wellness’s physicians and practitioners are experienced licensed individuals who deliver the best care possible for your body. 


We help to diagnose symptoms of sub health or issues that you may not be aware of. Based on TCM methodologies, we then deliver massages targeted at relaxing your muscles, promoting blood flow and restoring balance to your body.

60min Foot Massage + 30min Body Massage
Starting From $85
45min Foot Massage + 45min Body Massage
Starting From $85
30min Foot Massage + 60min Body Massage
Starting From $85
60min Foot Massage + 60min Body Massage
Starting From $105
60min Kung Fu Foot Massage
Starting From $95
60min Aromatherapy Massage
Starting From $75
90min Aromatherapy Massage
Starting From $95
120min Aromatherapy Massage
Starting From $115
Best TCM Massage for the wrist

TCM Singapore Massage Benefits

TCM massages help with stress, insomnia, chronic pain and many other conditions. They help alleviate these conditions by:


  •  Stimulating the body’s natural defensive and healing processes.
  • Soothing aches and pains in either muscles or joints
  • Relieving stress, tension and stiffness in your body
  • Promoting healthy Qi & blood circulation

TCM Massage Techniques

A variety of TCM massage techniques are used including oscillating and pressure. Yin techniques are more gentle and meditative while yang techniques are dynamic and physical. This combination allows for practitioners to create intense sensations at blocked meridians while helping to spread Qi to other parts.


  • Palpating
  • Rejoining
  • Opposing
  • Lifting
  • Pressing
  • Kneading
  • Pushing
  • Holding

TCM Massage Services

Interested to find out more about the TCM massage services we offer? View our packages for body massage Singapore and foot massage Singapore.