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Traditional Chinese Medicine is a form of alternative therapy suitable for treating conditions & boosting health.
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TCM Clinic Singapore

Kung Fu Wellness offers a range of different traditional chinese medicine therapies & treatments. This includes Cupping & Gua Sha. 

More than just addressing illnesses or pain, our services improve the overall state of both mind and body. By taking an holistic approach, TCM helps to strengthen your body’s self healing mechanisms and defensive capabilities.


Receive a safe, painless & effective cupping session that removes stagnant energy and blood from your body.

Starting From $45
Gua Sha

Receive a safe, painless & effective Gua Sha session that reduces inflammation and disperses stagnant energy from all parts of your body.

Starting From $35
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Benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine Singapore Therapies

Opposed to western medicine, TCM takes a holistic approach to both treatment and health. Rather than eliminating individual symptoms or treating organs in seperately, TCM takes the view that all parts are interconnected. As such, to treat one area would require a change in another.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Principles

Body as an integrated whole
– An imbalance in one part will cause another part to suffer.


Your body is connected to nature
– Your environment has a huge impact on your body’s conditions.


A natural healing ability exists within our bodies
– Your body has a self-regenerating capability. When it malfunctions, your body falls ill.


Prevention is better than cure
– Active maintenance and prevention can be taken in the period before your body falls ill.

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TCM Singapore Services

Discover our Cupping Singapore & Gua Sha Singapore therapies.