Understanding How Tui Na Massage Benefits You

Understanding How Tui Na Massage Benefits You

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Do you enjoy going for massages? Familiar with commonly found Swedish massage, Thai massage or sports massage yet have never heard of Tui Na? Rest assure that you are not completely alone. Commonly known as Chinese massage, Tui Na is a component of Traditional Chinese Medicine that is rapidly gaining popularity. It is known for giving you relief for any nagging health conditions and improving your overall wellness.

If you are intrigued yet still unsure about undergoing a Tui Na session, then this article is for you. In it, we take a look at how Tui Na helps improve your health and what its treatment entails.

How is Tui Na Different from other Massages

Tui Na does share some similarities with western massages. For instance, it lasts between half an hour to 1 hour and is performed on a massage table. Furthermore, it utilises similar individual techniques and strokes. These would include kneading, gliding, pulling, rocking, rolling and friction. As a result, the massage does leave you feeling relaxed and invigorated, not unlike other massages.

However, where Tui Na differs is in its objectives and fundamental beliefs. Typically, western massages target your muscles, bones and joints in order to:

  • Increase flexibility
  • Improve strength
  • Relief pain

In contrast, Tui Na, which is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) also targets your life energy (Qi).

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Qi and Meridians

TCM principles tell us that our body has energy channels known as meridians, that flow through them. In these channels, Qi is distributed throughout the body and thus keeps each part healthy and functioning. As such, when your meridians are open and functional, Qi can freely reach all parts of your body. Conversely, should your meridians become blocked, then a part of your body will be deprived of the Qi needed by it.

How Tui Na Addresses Qi and Meridians

By working along meridians in your body, a Tui Na practitioner can tap into them and open them up. This is done by first using their hands to sense the flow of Qi within your body and determining how to improve it. Thereafter, they use a combination of stretches, joint rotations and pressure points, to restore the balance of Qi.

It is also possible that the practitioner will recommend other TCM therapies in connection with Tui Na. This would include acupuncture, cupping, gua sha and Chinese herbs. In fact, many of these offerings are found within the same facility as the Tui Na massage.

Tui Na is used as a Treatment

Tui Na is widely used in TCM hospitals and clinics in order to treat specific conditions such as neck pain. This is done by unblocking meridians affecting your neck, that have been blocked by injury, tension, bad habits or poor health.

Speed Up Healing & Relief Pain

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Tui Na stimulates both blood and Qi circulation in your body. By opening the relevant meridians, Qi can be distributed to injured parts. This helps deliver life energy and nutrients to various pressure points. In turn, your various body organs, limbs and parts can speed up their self-repair efforts. An accelerated recovery period thus can be expected post Tui Na treatment.

At the same time, relief for sore and tight muscles is also provided. During the course of our daily activities, lactic acid accumulates in our muscles. This produces the dull burning sensation that we call aches and signal to our body to rest. Through pushing, pulling and other techniques, Tui Na helps to break down lactic acid build up. As such, individual parts of our body experience relief from the pain.

Relief Emotional & Mental Stress

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While Tui Na is commonly associated with relieving physical pain, it can in fact be highly beneficial for your mental and emotional state. According to TCM, our emotional and mental health are connected to our physical condition. When our body’s meridians are blocked, the brain easily becomes distressed. This is why Tui Na, by way of opening our meridians can help to calm down both our mental and emotional state.

What to Expect during a Tui Na Session

Tui Na massage sessions function quite differently from other types of massages. Rather than looking up a menu, selecting a service then lying down to receive the massage, Tui Na takes 2 way approach. For starters, the practitioner will examine your condition and check with you for any recent health issues. Thereafter, an examination of your body and meridians will review the underlying causes of your health conditions.

Fully Clothed during the Treatment

Unlike some other massages, Tui Na treatments are administered without requiring you to strip off your clothes. We do advise that you wear loose and comfortable clothing in order to allow the practitioner to manoeuvre your body. Massage oil that is common to other massages, may be used for your neck, hands and feet. As such, it should not affect your clothes.

Health Advice

TCM takes a holistic approach towards your health. As such, your Tui Na practitioner might encourage you to go for other treatments such acupuncture or cupping. When used together with Tui Na, your body’s meridian and Qi system could receive a good boost. Furthermore, advice on your daily activities, habits and even posture may be given. This advice is meant to help you maintain the opening of your meridians and promote good health at all times.

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