Gua Sha Singapore

Reduce inflammation,  alleviate chronic pain and promote healing.
woman enjoying gua sha facial singapore session

Gua Sha Facial Singapore

In Gua Sha therapy, a massage tool is used to scrap your skin and thus improve your circulation. It is believed that inflammation is caused by stagnation under your skin. As such, by dispersing the stagnant blood and energy, inflammation can be reduced.

During the therapy, your skin is first coated with massage oil before being scrapped with a smooth edge tool. Both short and long strokes to stimulate the microcirculation of soft tissue. 

Other than your face, Gua Sha is also applied to your neck, back, arms and legs.


Receive a safe, painless & effective Gua Sha session that reduces inflammation and disperses stagnant energy from all parts of your body.

Gua Sha Massage Singapore Benefits

Here are the benefits that you can expect from undergoing Gua Sha therapy:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Treat ailments that cause chronic pain
  • Reliving migraine headaches
  • Reducing necking pain
gua sha singapore session lady enjoying back srcap
precise gua sha singapore therapy for the back

What You Should Know About Gua Sha Therapy

Before you agree to undergo Gua Sha therapy, here are a few cautions or things to look out for:

  • Gua Sha is a natural remedy that is safe. It is not supposed to be painful.
  • If excessive force is used, the rubbing can cause bleeding & bruising. Temporary indentation might also occur.
  • Gua Sha tools must be disinfected before they are used.
  • It is not advised that you receive Gua Sha therapy if you have had surgery in the past month.

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