Hajima Cupping Singapore

Clear congestion, stagnation and blockage of your body’s Qi with our cupping therapy.
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TCM Cupping Therapy & Massage

Cupping is a TCM technique that uses small glass cups or bamboo jars. As suction devices, these cups or jars help to break up stagnation by drawing congested blood & energy.


Once suction has been achieved, the cups are then gently moved across your skin. The suction causes skin & superficial muscle to be drawn up into the cup. In this way, it has the inverse effect of a normal massage.

Receive a safe, painless & effective cupping session that removes stagnant energy and blood from your body.

Hajima Clinic Methods

There are a number of methods that physicians can use when applying cupping therapy to the patient. These include:

  • Dry cupping – the suction cups are placed on the patient with no alterations
  • Wet cupping – small incisions are made on the skin before the suction cups draw small amounts of blood out
  • Heating the glass away from the body – swabbing alcohol on the bottom of the cup, lighting it before placing it on the skin.
  • Heating the glass near the body – placing a alcohol soaked pad over the skin before lighting it and placing the cup over. 
preparing the fire for tcm cupping singapore therapy session
hajima Singapore treatment preparation with fire in cup

Hajima Singapore Techniques

For first timers, it may be difficult to choose which Cupping Therapist to visit. Here are a list of things to look out for:

  • Check for certifications & licenses
  • Look for experience in both general practice and treating specific conditions
  • Check for any malpractices performed by the acupuncturist 
  • Look for reviews or feedback

Other Forms of Therapy

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