Acupuncture Singapore

Balance your body’s energies, alleviate illnesses and boost its health with an acupuncture therapy session.
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TCM Acupuncture Singapore

Acupuncture involves the strategic insertion of needles at key points in your body. In total, there are 350 acupuncture access points.

When inserted at the access points, the needles help to open up meridians and promote the flow of energy along the pathways. 


For the most part, acupuncture is painless but you might feel sensations along the way. The solid metal needles has a round edge that does not cut your skin. Should you feel sharp pain, you should immediately alert your acupuncturist.


Receive a safe, painless & effective acupuncture session that opens your body’s energy pathways and promotes the flow of Qi.

Good Acupuncture Singapore Practices

Here are the practices that makes Kung Fu Wellness’s acupuncture therapy highly sought after in Singapore:

  • We look beyond the patient’s main complaint to find root causes behind any health failings.
  • We use our fingers to press or hold up or stretch your skin before guiding the needle to the appropriate point.
  • Needles are inserted with the appropriate speed, force, depth & direction.
  • The level of insertion of the needles depends on the strength of the region and the individual.
  • Manipulation of the needling is based on the sensations felt by the patient. Adjustments are made in accordance.
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Choosing An Acupuncture Clinic Singapore Therapy

For first timers, it may be difficult to choose which acupuncturist to visit. Here are a list of things to look out for:

  • Check for certifications & licenses
  • Look for experience in both general practice and treating specific conditions
  • Check for any malpractices performed by the acupuncturist 
  • Look for reviews or feedback

Other Forms of Therapy

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