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Kung Fu Wellness offers traditional Chinese massage, reflexology & treatments. Our sessions improve Qi, relieve tension, promote blood flow and boosts your body’s self-healing functions.


Introducing Our Chinese Massage Sessions

& Related TCM Treatments
Body Massage

1 – 2 hour(s)
Full Body Massage
Revitalize your body

Foot Reflexology

45 – 90 mins
Foot Reflexology
Relieve tension & pain

Gua Sha

Gua Sha Therapy
Promotes lymphatic


Hajima Therapy
blood flow

About Kung Fu Wellness

We are a family-friendly Chinese Massage parlour offering a wide range of therapies and treatments. We offer body massage, foot reflexology & TCM massages all under 1 roof.

Trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine practices, our licensed practitioners help to alleviate pain, loosen stiff muscles, open meridians, promote the flow of Qi & improve your overall health. Additionally, our massage therapists are always professional & knowledgeable, ensuring that you will receive a positive experience.

Our Environment

Our space is highly conducive for TCM Massage & TCM Singapore treatments. Get privacy & relaxation.

Boasting 3 levels, our space has an open concept parlour,  private therapy rooms & a recreational room.

Main area in which you will receive safe & high quality massages.

Private spaces for traditional Chinese massages. 

An area for our customers to relax before and after their therapies.

About Chinese Massage

Our experienced practitioners work along your body's meridians in order to tap into your energy points. In doing so, Qi, your lift energy, is allowed to flow freely through your body. With this, your the different parts of your body will receive the energy they need to function and achieve harmony.

Tui Na therapy for lower back pain
Tui Na therapy for tight feet muscles
How Chinese Massage Differs From Western Massages

While western massages focus on your body's muscles, bones & joints, Chinese massage works on your body on a deeper level. It dives into the flow and distribution of Qi (life energy). This ensures a holistic treatment for various conditions such as back pain.

Combining With Other TCM Treatments

Chinese massage, being a branch of traditional chinese medicine, is often combined with other TCM therapies to deliver a holistic treatment. In addition to Tui Na, Kung Fu Wellness offers hajima & Gua Sha therapies to supplement your health.

Tui Na massage & facial therapy
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